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Minecraft is a sandbox computer game that was originally developed by the Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and his company Mojang , which was founded for this purpose . The company and game have been part of Microsoft since September 2014 Minecraft was first published on 17 May 2009 as an Early Access title for PC .  As a result Minecraft for various other platforms and was game consoles released. Most of them continue to receive free updates with new content on a regular basis to this day .

Minecraft is one of the best-selling computer games of all time with over 200 million copies.  In the game, the player creates constructions such as buildings or circuits from mostly cube-shaped elements in a procedurally generated , three-dimensional world that also consists of cubes. This game world, which is based on nature, can also be explored in order to collect resources, fight against monsters and process found raw materials into new items. Minecraft MOD APK Unlocked Premium

Minecraft MOD APK Unlimited
Minecraft MOD APK Unlimited

Minecraft is an open world game without a fixed goal. The main focus is on the exploration and discovery of the caves and dungeons traversed game world and the construction of own buildings and devices. The player can mine raw materials (“mine”), process them into other objects (“craft“) and fight against monsters .  However, the game provides a number of tasks (so-called “progress”), which, among other things, are intended to make it easier to get started with the game. Minecraft defaults from the first-person view , but with the possibility, in the third-person perspectiveto switch, played.  The player can move freely in the Minecraft game world. It is generated procedurally and, in the Java edition, is practically infinite (but from version 1.7.9 onwards it is limited to a frame of 60 million blocks in width to avoid problems with the floating point calculation; however, the world can still be viewed as infinite) . The worlds in all other versions are spatially limited. Any number of different worlds can be saved. These consist for the most part of cube-shaped blocks with a side length of one virtual meter, which are arranged according to a grid. The blocks each consist of one material, such as earth, wood or differentOres .

Almost all blocks are degradable and can be added to the inventory . They can be dropped off almost anywhere in the world. Blocks can also be combined in different variations and thus enable, among other things, the construction of tools, weapons and armor. Combining objects is a central aspect in Minecraft and is called crafting . The starting materials have to be arranged in a production field according to a certain pattern so that a certain object is created from it. For example, a chest can be made from an O-shaped pattern of wooden boards. Since version 1.12 there is a recipe book, which is supposed to make the production easier for the players.

Minecraft has an inventory system, so the player can carry a maximum of 36 different stacks of items of between 1, 16 and 64 units, depending on the item. In the event of death, all items in the inventory are dropped. After Respawn a player they can be collected again within a limited time (5 minutes). Experience points can be gained by killing monsters or animals, by burning ores and stones in the furnace and mining ores. With the experience points, tools, armor and weapons can be enchanted or repaired by an anvil and renamed. Enchanted items are usually stronger, last longer, or have other effects.

The laws of physics are partially canceled in the game. For example, most blocks are not subject to gravity during construction , but seem to float weightlessly. Water and lava are the only liquids. They can flow and have a source. This can be permanently removed by placing a solid block in its place or by using a bucket to remove the source block. Circuits can be built using redstone dust. This is similar to conductor tracks and is able to transmit signals. For example, a switch to open a door can be built; and even a simple processorcan be recreated in Minecraft.

Game world

Minecraft MOD APK Unlimited Coins
Minecraft MOD APK Unlimited Coins

When the game starts, the player is placed in the game world. The accessible terrain consists of mountains, forests, deserts, seas, plains and caves. The world is divided into different biomes , ranging from deserts, oceans and primeval forests to snowfields. The game has a twenty-minute day-night cycle.  The player encounters different non-player characters(NPCs) such as animals, villagers, and monsters. Peaceful animals such as pigs, sheep or chickens serve as raw material sources for meat or wool, for example. During the night and in dark areas, enemy creatures such as zombies, spiders, exploding creepers or skeletons armed with a bow and arrow appear. In addition, pre-generated villages can be encountered in which villagers live. They can be traded with.

There are three dimensions in total in Minecraft:

The upper world
The upper world is the dimension in which the player starts and also spends most of the time. It is comparable to the real world (trees, lakes, etc.). There you will also find various raw materials that will be needed in the later game (e.g. wood, stone, ores , water, food, etc.)
The nether
The nether is a hell-like dimension that can only be reached through nether portals .  With the help of raw materials only available in the Nether, you can create a boss, the Wither. There are also different monsters in the Nether than in the overworld. These are generally stronger than those in the overworld and can appear all the time as there is no time of day in the Nether. The Nether is also more of a challenge in that it is full of lava, which can kill the player and lose the inventory in the process.

The end

The end is a dimension in which you can defeat an end boss , the Ender Dragon. You can only reach this through an end portal, which is located in a fortress. There are a total of 128 fortresses in the entire upper world. When the dragon has been defeated, the player is rewarded with experience points, at the same time the end portal, with which one can leave the end, is activated and an end transit portal appears. If you jump into the end portal, the end credits are written by the Irish author Julian Gough, but they do not end the game. If the player throws an ender bead into the end transit portal, he will be teleported to another end transit portal approx. 1000 blocks away. At this distance there are many side islands on which there are end settlements and end ships. These islands float in the middle of nowhere (in English it is called a void) into which one can fall, whereby the player character is killed (under -64 blocks the player suffers damage) and is transferred back to the overworld. The final transit portal is surrounded by indestructible bedrock and can therefore not be entered directly. Instead, one has to throw in an Ender Pearl to travel through it, fly through it with Elytres, or crawl / swim through it.
The end is directly related to the so-called endermen, which can appear in all three dimensions. They can teleport and only attack a player if he attacks him or looks him in the eye. Endermen are also one of two creatures who break down blocks and thus actively change the game world, not just passively through explosions.


Minecraft MOD APK Unlimited Coins
Minecraft MOD APK Unlimited GOD Mode

There are five game modes in Minecraft. A distinction is made between the survival mode , the Hardcore mode , a special version of the survival mode is the creative mode is suitable, the great for creating structures best, and the adventure mode that for playing so-called Adventure Maps , created by other players and available for download, and spectator mode . You can choose between four levels of difficulty . In this way, the appearance of monsters can also be completely switched off. All game modes can be played in single and multiplayer modes.

On the server side, Minecraft only knows four game modes: survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode and spectator mode. Hardcore mode is technically the same as survival mode.

Creative mode

Since the Java edition Beta 1.8 there is the creative mode , in which the player is provided with unlimited amounts of resources and items in the inventory. It is also possible to fly and dismantle blocks immediately. In addition, the player cannot suffer damage or get hungry, which simplifies the creation of large and complicated structures.

What's new

What's new in 1.17.11: Various bug fixes!


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