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Welcome to Hay Day. Build a farm, fish, raise animals, and explore the Valley. Farm, decorate, and customize your own slice of country paradise.
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July 6, 2021
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Hay Day is a mobile game from the game developer Supercell based on the free-to-play model. The game is about running a farm, growing and harvesting fruit and crops, keeping animals, manufacturing and trading products. The game was released on June 21, 2012 for iOS and November 20, 2013 for Android and has been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play. In 2013 Supercell achieved an operating profit of 336 million euros with its two games Clash of Clans and Hay Day with a turnover of 650 million euros. That year, Hay Day was the fourth highest-grossing game. Hay Day Premium Unlimited Mod APK

The player’s uncle is no longer able to look after his farm and so he hands over responsibility for the farm to the player. The player can grow various crops or plant fruit trees on his farm. In addition, various farm animals (including chickens, cows, pigs) can be kept, which provide products (such as eggs, milk and bacon).

Hay Day Premium Unlimited Mod
Hay Day Premium Unlimited Mod

With various production buildings

(e.g. dairy, bakery) certain farm products can be processed into other products. The individual farm products can be used or sold in different ways. In return, the player receives coins with which he can buy goods, production buildings, farm animals and pets as well as decorative objects. He also receives experience points (EP) with which higher game levels can be achieved. At higher levels, additional crops, fruit trees and bushes, crops and pets, production buildings and goods that can be produced can be unlocked.

A ship stops at the farm every 4 hours. The player has 18 hours to fill the boxes on board with the required raw materials and products. As a reward you receive coins, further XP and a voucher. Vouchers can be used to buy pets (e.g. dogs, cats or rabbits) that can be fed with bacon, milk and carrots and give additional EP, and special decorative items. The player can gradually expand his farm with expansion items. In the mine, the player can use explosives and pickaxes to mine various ores and metals, such as iron, gold or silver, from which bars can be made.

There is an event every day

where players can receive additional experience points, coins or other gifts. On certain occasions such as For example, at Christmas or Halloween, other events are held where the players can receive additional gifts. The wheel of fortune visits the farm once a day. It can be turned once a day free of charge (later with diamonds). With certain events, the rewards increase. Maggie the builder visits once a week. You can redesign your farmhouse, stall or delivery truck for diamonds, coins and vouchers.

In 2020, the farm pass was introduced as a new update, which can only be used seasonally and provides additional rewards. The players have to meet various daily and weekly goals in order to collect points. Individual rewards can be unlocked. In addition to coins and XP, there are also rewards that only last over the farm pass season. B. further production areas in the dairy or in the sugar mill can be activated. With real money, additional, usually significantly higher, rewards can be unlocked.

Hay Day Premium Unlimited apk
Hay Day Premium Unlimited apk

Individual players can join together in so-called communities, which can consist of a maximum of thirty players. Within a community you can chat with each other or help each other. Community derbies take place weekly, in which fifteen communities compete against each other. The players are given different tasks, for which points are awarded. Depending on the number of points achieved, players will receive additional rewards. At the end of a derby, the top three communities move up while the three with the lowest score move down.

In addition to the actual farm area, the game also offers other side scenes.

The city

By selecting the rail connection, the player arrives in his city. Various buildings can be erected there, which can be expanded in several stages. Visitors to the city who visit up to three of the city buildings and want to buy certain farm products there also come to the city via the rail connection. Get what you want, pay with coins, experience points and reputation points. The development of the city can be advanced with the reputation points. The reserve is attached to the city. Depending on the game progress, the player can keep elephants, hippos, giraffes, zebras, gorillas and reindeer here – initially adult animals, later also young animals.

The fishing area

Depending on the game progress, up to 15 fishing spots can be unlocked here. It can be used to produce bait or nets that can be used for fishing. Caught fish provide fish fillet, which can be further processed into other products in the farm area. With colorful fishing lures (green, blue, purple and yellow), which are made with vouchers, special types of fish can be caught, which are noted in the angler’s book. If a player has caught a new fish, he receives rewards in the form of diamonds. A lobster pool and a duck parlor can be set up as special buildings.

What's new

Introducing a bigger farm and lots of new animals:
• New farm expansion areas with unique decorations
• New pets: Guinea Pig and the Appaloosa horse are here
• New sanctuary animals: welcome, baby Reindeer

Features & Improvements requested by YOU:
• New production machine: donut maker
• A second sugar mill!
• 9th birthday: New birthday products! Also stay tuned for new time-limited birthday customizations from Maggie!
• New train track decoration available through the Wheel of Fortune


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