Copyright Holders does not upload items for which the copyright and associated rights (including distribution rights) belong to other persons or legal entities, as stated in the Disclaimer. If such content is found on the site’s pages, the copyright holder has the right to contact the administration to have the problem resolved.

There are a few options for dealing with the problem:

1. Using the application given by the copyright holder to replace the reference of an existing application. This should be either a condensed version of the full application or the full application with ads.

2. The link to the app is changed with a link to Google Play, Amazon, Appstore, or the app’s official website.

3. Make certain that unauthorized developers do not collaborate in any way.

4. Do not offer mobile apps on Our platform that include Copyright footage, names, or trademarks.

5. All links to the application must be removed from the site. To do so, the owner must validate their ownership of the site’s application.


There are various options for doing this:

1. Send an email to the site’s management, which is listed on the application’s official website, or the firm that provides the application.

2. Send an email to the site’s administrator, as mentioned in the application.

3. Submit scanned documentation to the site administrator confirming the presence of copyright in the application.

4. Create a.txt file titled BESTAPKGAMES.COM on the official website of the program or the firm that is launching the program, and then submit the link to the site administrator. Please email [email protected] if you need to contact the Site Administration.

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